MANYO’s unique idea supports development of advanced manufacturing.

In recent industrial fields, demands for sophisticated and diversified technology have grown and grown.

MANYO’s aim, “Manufacturing Innovation”, emphasizes refinement of the advanced idea through the development of original patented technology and its presentation with new added value. As a machinery manufacturer,
MANYO places the greatest importance on the development of new technology.

MANYO’s founder believed that MANYO would never satisfy with existing technology alone, but that its corporate culture would be complemented by the “effort”, “zeal”, and “endurance” of its members. His belief has been handed down within the company to the present day.

Three major factors in MANYO’s cutting machine

The cutting machine works satisfactorily only when these three factors are in place and interlocked organically.

We believe that these three factors are major principles in design and manufacturing,
and we pursue the development of superior cutting machines by utilizing our expertise and experience.

Corporate philosophy


“Effort” to generate basic ideas Our customers’ casual comments on our products may be the source of fundamental ideas for our new products. We do our best to find the seeds of ideas by listening carefully to our customers’ words, and forecasting upcoming problems.


“Zeal” to realize ideas Great zeal and concentration are necessary to grow the seeds we find. We try to clarify potential problems in advance, and avoid them through repeated hypothesis setting and test cycles.


“Endurance” to put ideas into practical use Any great idea is only a desk plan unless it can be put into practical use. We turn our original idea into a practical benefit by giving our tireless full attention to our worksite.