Innovative design of forging roll enables small lot production of many products.

Features(Forging roll main unit)

  • Unique gear transmission mechanism is intended for compactification of the main unit.
  • Oil bath in the main unit secures complete lubrication of the drive system.
  • Full automatic centralized circulating lubrication system provided for metal components eliminates unnecessary concern about maintenance.

Features(Auto manipulator)

  • Lateral movement pitch stroke allows highly precise moving and stopping at a high speed.
  • It boasts high-level stopping accuracy of a pitch, ±0.1 mm.
  • Comprehensive high rigidity guarantees uniform accuracy of roll-forged products. It also maintains excellent accuracy in long products.

Standard specifications

Usable with aluminum and square timber Example of products produced using forging roll


The servo motor is designed for lateral pitch move of the saddle. It reciprocates smoothly with high precision, and allows varied operation modes.

Die design

Forging and roll-forming simulation enable the recommendation of appropriate roll forms, as well as the design and production of roll dies.


Standard specs

Model FR260AF FR360AF FR460AF FR560AF FR660AF FR960AF
Inner segment outer dia. mm 260 360 460 560 660 960
Inner segment effective width mm 320 450 570 640 700 1200
Roll shaft distance adjustment mm 3 4 6 8 8 8
Number of roll revolutions RPM 60 60 60 55 40 30
Max. size of raw billet mm, square 45 60 75 100 120 160
Clutch, brake   Air friction type
Required air pressure MPa 0.5〜0.7 0.5〜0.7 0.5〜0.7 0.5〜0.7 0.5〜0.7 0.5〜0.7
Motor kw 11〜4P 15〜4P 30〜4P 55〜6P 75〜6P 110〜6P
Oil lubrication   Full automatic circulation oiling system

※Specifications above may be modified to meet users’ demands.