Speed and cutting accuracy are one notch above LBS.

Cutting speed of 0.5 m/s and binding cutting system enable highly accurate cutting of soft material and extremely tough (tenacious) material.

For highly accurate cutting, it is necessary to cut materials at “high speed (cutting speed: 0.5 m/s)” as well as binding them during cutting. O-O blade with binding high-speed cutting system allows excellent accuracy in cutting soft materials such as low-carbon steel and non-metals, in terms of “squareness”, “roundness”, and “weight error”.


  • Double cutting speed as LBS
  • Gearless "lever" improves cutting accuracy

Standard specifications

Slice cut prevention system (cutting blade protection system)

When it repeatedly sliced about terminal material collapses in cutting machine, as well as cause of the chute clogging, also affect the life of the cutting blade. If the billet terminal exceeding the allowable limit is generated, and avoid cutting by detecting it in advance.

Dissimilar contamination prevention system

Completely separated from the normal material the terminal material or tip cutting material, realizing preventing contamination of different materials.

Feeder height adjustment system

The height of the feeder automatically aligning, to achieve noise measures it is possible to suppress the cutting impact.

Cassette type blade exchange system

Housing the movable and the fixed blade in a single holder, cassette exchange system is achieved by having two or more of the same holder.

Optional equipment

Billet weight control system

The system comes in two types: a monitoring system, sampling every several to ten seconds to prevent faulty products, and another controlling weight, with all billet weight check performed.

UPS-type holding system

It produces high quality billets with superior perpendicularity and less cutting deformation.

New patented and breakthrough holding system, which provides a high holding force for a billet only at the moment of cutting, and immediately after that instantaneously decreases the holding force to zero, and completes the smooth lowering stroke of the upper blade.

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Standard specs

Pressing force (kN) TON 1000 2000 3000 4500 6000 8000 10000 16000
Cutting rate mm/sec 465 520 500 480 480 450 510 480
Power requirements KW・H 27 38 48 50 68 90 90 125
amount of air Nℓ/Per 60 66 96 108 120 144 144 180
machine Height, width, length
2.4×2.2×1.9 2.7×2.5×2.5 3.6×3.2×3.3 3.9×4.0×3.5 4.5×4.0×4.0 5.0×4.5×4.5 5.0×4.5×4.5 5.5×4.5×5.0
Feeder 0.9×2.0×7.5 1.2×2.7×7.5 1.2×2.7×7.5 1.3×3.0×7.5 1.5×3.5×7.5 1.7×4.0×7.5 1.7×4.0×7.5 1.9×4.2×7.5
Cutting machine TON 10 16 24 37 45 60 70 110